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Charity Shop Madness

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Now that every last classic album has been rinsed from the charity shop racks, there’s nothing left to do but to crank the prices up on a few lesser known modern classics. Who is advising the shops of the value of – or even market for – these records is beyond me.

Here’s some absolutely insane record pricing spotted in the charity shops of Plymouth recently.

Fucked 12″ copy of B list disco hit: A Fiver

Routinely used as an envelope ‘stifferner’ when sending more expensive albums by post. £3. Not original artists

It has a hit single on it. A tenner. Or just buy one of 1160 from £0.41 on discogs today.

Not really sure who the market is for this. £6.50, down from £15.


Just 10p per Golden Great

Charity Shop Madness

Posted: February 11, 2023

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