Sharp, Aquila

Baptism 1809-3-19 Frieston, Lincolnshire no file
Occupation 1867-- no file


Father Unknown
Mother Unknown


Frieston, Lincolnshire


Holland Sessions

Stamford Mercury - Friday 27 June 1851

Aquilla Sharp, for want of sureties to kepp the peace towards his wife, Elisabeth Sharp

Sessions-house, Boston

Stamford Mercury - Friday 09 May 1862

May 7, before the Revs. J. Wilson, B. Beridge, and J. Tunnard, Major Moore, Major Hopkins, and the Revs. C. F. Newmarch, C. Avery Moore, and G. Coltman.

Rt Hewis Bloxham, Boston, labourer, was brought up in custody of p. c. Bulley charged with threatening to murder his father-in-law, Aquilla Sharp, of Skirbeck. Ordered to find two sureties to keep the peace towards Sharp for 6 months in 10l. each, and himself in 201. He was also charged with breaking the windows in the house of his father-in-law, but this charge was not pressed against him.


Lincolnshire Chronicle - Friday 25 September 1863


and on the 15th, Matilda, daughter of Aquilla Sharp, gardener, of Skirbeck

Sessions House

Lincolnshire Chronicle - Friday 28 April 1871

Aquilla Sharp, Skirbeck, was charged with allowing her ass to stray upon the highway. Fined 9s 6d, costs included.