Christian Mayne


Sumpner, William Edward

Brian Harvey writes: "The notebook I have was written by my grandfather John Sumpner and is based on his own knowledge of the family and also on some research he did. All Johns and Thomas's brothers and sisters were born at 37 Pennyfields in Poplar and christened at All Saints Church in Poplar. I have the 1881 census but I think you said you also have that. Incidentally there is a typo on the transcript. William's occupation was currier not carrier. I do not have copies of any certificates ...
Sumpner, Mabel Christina

Sumpner, Mabel Christina

Mabel married Charles Richard Mayne in 1940. Curiously, her record in the 1939 Register has been ammended by hand from Sumpner to Mayne. Was she already living as a married woman at that point?